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Saturday, July 14, 2007

girls can use tools too!

By J12
(posing in the first photo, taken at Karekare earlier this week)

Wanting to attract some different kinds of birds to our garden, I decided to make a bird feeder. Before Dadda would let me use his tools, he required a plan! I provided him with a very detailed one. It was so good I had unlimited access to his saw, drill and screwdrivers.

Here's what I made
(with a little assistance from an interested J11):

The little piece of dowel held up by two small branches can be removed and have a piece of apple or something stuck on it, but we didn't have any spare. Water goes in the yellow container (Dadda said I should hollow out a piece of wood instead to make it look really natural - I just might yet), and seeds go on the other little platform. Any bird who happens to use the swing too energetically might knock itself out on the upright stick - that's a wee design fault, which could be fixed in the Second Edition!


Rosie said...

Of course, girls can use tools too.....on occasion far better than the boys!!!! Well done, I hope the feeder attracts many new birds to the neighbourhood:-) Love Mrs Ex

Jen and family said...

hope you got lots of hungry little visitors

jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com